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Let me start by saying that I have never sent, nor received anon hate in the 2+ years I have been on tumblr. (I sent this message to myself.)

But it seems like in the past few months there has been a lot of hate going around.  I don’t understand anon hate, if you want to criticize someone, at least have the respect to put your name on it.  And just don’t hate- anyone. It’s not worth the time or effort.

Of course, telling people not to hate, not to send hate is just a waste of time. Those people are not going to be swayed by me.

So, instead I have another idea.

DO NOT REPLY TO HATE. Don’t give anon hate a voice.  Haters only feel empowered when you post their vitriol.


Here’s what you can do instead. 

  1. IGNORE. Clicking this button means this person, anon or not, can never send you hate again.
  2. TRASH.  Delete the message and carry on.
  3. REPLY. Nope, don’t do it. 
  4. You can also go into your blog settings and turn off anon.  You can still receive asks, but not anons. Followers will still be able to send you fanmail as well, if they don’t want their questions posted to your blog.

Let’s end anon hate by refusing to participate.  Don’t send anon hate. Don’t reply, don’t engage.

I love you all, I love tumblr, I love being part of this community, and anon hate hurts everyone. Let’s just stop the cycle. 

Edited to add:  bluebirdtweets / sweetoceanclouds did some experiments to test how the ignore buttons works with anons.  

See also this post.  

Basically if you block an anon, they are blocked from sending you anon messages. They will not appear in your blocked users, and if you follow them their posts will still appear on your dash. 

Please if you get anon hate, click that ignore button. Take power away from hateful anons.  Keep hate out of the fandom, and off tumblr all together.  Thank you.


That’s what I do - I don’t reply to anon hate (and I’m getting my fair share, plus some trolls) so as not to give them a voice and the attention they crave.

…mostly. Sometimes I do publish anon hate when I’m in the mood and it’s hilarious. Heh. 

But yes, absolutely, don’t give them any space on your blogs and use that ignore button. 

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happy birthday! matt!

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